The industrial supply business isn't filled with glamorous influencers and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Our industry is built around the foundation of trust and reliability between supplier and customer. That's why we want to use our REAL customers in our marketing efforts, opposed to fake models & stock-photos.  Why would we hire models to pose as industry professionals and use our products when we have direct connections with the real deal...you!?!? We're real people, providing real good service. You're a real industry professional, with a real big opportunity to let your industrial supply products potentially pay for themselves! If your content is selected for our use, our Marketing Team will pay you up to $500 for photos and videos of you using your Industrial Stores products. Talk about a win-win!
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*Our marketing team will evaluate your submission within 7 days.  If your content (photos and/or videos) are selected, Industrial Stores will compensate you based on the pricing below at the time of submission. Pricing is per image/video used in our marketing and the max payout per image/video is $500.  Pricing below is effective 01/10/2021 and is updated frequently based on our Marketing team's requirements.


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